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Welcome to Millers Big Red Apple Orchard

Directions from Lapeer/Oxford

Step 1
Take M-24 and go South
Step 2
Turn left on E Burdick St and go East for 0.3 miles
Step 3
Continue on E Lakeville Rd and go East for 5.8 miles
Step 4
Bear right on Rochester Rd and go East for about 300 feet
Step 5
Turn right on Milmine Rd,Milmine St and go South for 0.2 miles
Step 6
Turn left on Rochester Rd and go Southeast for 2.0 miles
Step 7
Turn left on E Romeo Rd and go East for 1.8 miles
Step 8
Continue on 32 Mile Rd and go East for 1.2 miles to 4900 32 Mile Rd

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